Maintenance Wash Bundle

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Your GO maintenance bundle contains all your weekly wash essentials. Equally perfect for pro detailers and weekend enthuisiasts, it's not going to let you down. Included in this bundle are:


  • TFR Our ‘ready for use’ traffic film removing prewash, perfect to use on wheels, sills and arches and generally any areas where road debris has accumulated.

  • BUGS AND GRIME The citrus based bug splatter and grime dissolving formula that melts organic residue away in seconds.

  • SHAMPOO The super concentrated high foaming shampoo that every detailer needs.

  • FOUR-X WASH MITT Our unbelievable, 3 SIDED, waterproof lined, non scratch, microfibre, ultimate wash mitt.

  • DRYING TOWEL Our 1000gm super absorbent compact drying towel.

To make the most out of each product always see the individual product pages or side of the bottle for usage instructions and our favourite GO tips for best application

As with all our bundles, we kindly ask that you either check out the individual products page or see the side of the bottle for each products safety information. The accessories not so much, but the liquid items for sure

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