Full Decon Bundle

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Your GO Full Decon bundle contains all the essentials you're going to need to complete a full decontamination of your vehicles painted panels. Whether its prior to paint correction or applying new last stage protection, a full decon of painted panels is an essential step for professional results and long lasting protection.

All our products have been through countless trials and have been proven in rigorous testing. Whether your a pro detailer, or a weekend warrior, you’ll find our decon bundle a pleasure to use and the results, outstanding! In the bundle you’ll find:

  • IRON DECON Colour changing fall out remover for safe removal of iron contaminants.

  • TGR Our high strength road tar and glue removing formula.

  • CLAY-BAR 160gram clay block and our dedicated clay lubricant...

  • CLUBE ...used together for the safe removal of surface bonded contaminants.

  • PANEL WIPE An alcohol based wax and silicone removing formula for deep panel cleansing prior to re application of waxes and sealants.

For the best user experience, please always check out the individual products pages or your GO bottle for usage directions and GO tips

Before use, always have a look at the individual products page or the side of the GO bottle for safety information. Some of this stuff is proper hard core. The clay, not so much

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