160G Clay Bar

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160grams of premium decontamination clay in our signature orange colour. Use with our dedicated clay bar lubricant CLUBE for safe removal of bonded surface contamination from vehicle paintwork.

  • Ensure bodywork panels are clean and dry with no coatings applied
  • Break off around a third of the full size clay bar
  • Warm the clay bar in your hand and mould into a small disc shape about 4-5 fingers wide
  • Spray CLUBE, or alternate clay lubricant, onto your bodywork
  • We recommend working on an area 40x40cm (the size of an open microfibre cloth) at a time
  • Slide the clay bar back and forth over the lubricated surface
  • Regularly check the clay bar for removed contaminants and remould for a cleaner clay surface when full
  • Continue until you no longer see, feel or hear any contaminants on the bodywork
  • Wipe off the excess lubricant with a plush microfibre
  • Move onto the next area


Tip… Always return the clay bar to the plastic wrapping and pouch provided to keep it in it's best possible condition.

  • Keep out of reach of children. 
  • If they see it they'll want to play with it. Annoying.
  • And they definitely shouldn't eat it.

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