Ceramic Shampoo

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GO CERAMIC SHAMPOO's formula provides a luxurious safe wash with the added bonus of leaving behind a hydrophobic layer of ceramic protection.

The infused ceramic polymers bond to the surface of your vehicles bodywork to create a super slick, paint enhancing layer from the first wash.

Used in conjunction with other products in our ceramic range, our GO CERAMIC SHAMPOO is perfect for topping up existing ceramic protection on your maintenance wash.

  • Always rinse loose dirt off vehicle before washing - Use GO BUGS & GRIME or GO SNOW as a pre wash for a safe scratch free wash
  • Add 50ml of CERAMIC SHAMPOO per 10litres of warm water
  • Using your wash mitt, clean vehicle thoroughly  from top to bottom
  • Rinse of suds and proceed to dry

Tip… For an added ceramic boost, apply a little Si02 shampoo direct to your mitt before cleaning. Never wash in direct sunlight or let suds dry onto panels.

  • Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking
  • May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways
  • If swallowed seek immediate medical assistance
  • Do not induce vomiting
  • Store locked up
  • Dispose of contents safely

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